Interprospekt Group has developed numerous research projects in recent years in collaboration with international institutions. Many of the fossils curated by Interprospekt Group can be found in Museums throughout the US and Europe.

At Como Bluff we have several teams working on this Jurassic site to unearth Stegosaurids, Allosaurs and other Sauropods.

At Thermopolis, the museum shares its passion for excavation with the public, but we also have many sites that are being excavated by researchers. When the skeletons discovered are complete enough to be mounted, they are displayed in the museum.

Many researchers come to the Wyoming Dinosaur Center every year to study the fossils discovered on the Thermopolis sites.

In Montana, Interprospekt Group as access to many geologic layers that enable the research of the Upper Cretaceous period and work on T-rex, Triceratops and other iconic dinosaurs.

In 2023, IPG collaborated with the Natural History Museum in Brazil to discover dinosaurs in the Hell Creek formation and the Judith River formation.

In France, we have a Permian site where we can discover primitive amphibians called Discosauriscus, as well as traces of spiny sharks. Another site, dating from the end of the Paleocene, yields a wide variety of fossils, including fish, plants and even rarer animals.

In Germany, excavation activities are concentrated in the Solnhofen area, which is extremely well known in the paleontological world for the quality of the fossils found, and in particular the presence of archaeopteryx.

In Lebanon, in the rock extraction mines, we discovered fish, plant and crustacean fossils dating from the Jurassic period, which have now become a paleontological classic.

In China, on the grounds of the Sino-German Museum of Paleontology in Liaoning, our excavation site welcomes many Chinese and international students each year to perfect their excavation techniques at a site where, depending on the level, you can discover dinosaurs, primitive birds and marine reptiles.